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You may choose any date from the 11th of March 1872 to three months preceding the present day. This panel design weather mug, features a meteorological map from the British Met Office archives. It shows an enlarged view of the British Isles from the UK chart in one panel; a second panel shows a symbol explanation box so you can decode the chart for your chosen day and the date is displayed neatly above. All information and maps are taken from original charts supplied by the British Met Office and will vary from map to map. Please choose the date you would like on your Birthday Weather mug – remember the map and all information on the design will be from that day. 

The charts are  © Crown Copyright the British Met Office, supplied by Birthday Weather.

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Made from White Porcelain

Capacity 340 ml

Dimensions H 9.2 cm x W 11.2 cm

(Excluding handle) H 9.2 cm x W 8 cm

Dishwasher safe Yes

Microwave safe Yes


Made from White Porcelain

Capacity 250 ml

Dimensions H 10.2 cm x W 10.4cm

(Excluding handle) H 9.2 cm x W 6.8 cm

Dishwasher safe Yes

Microwave safe Yes

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Classic, Skinny