‘Futile the Winds’ – Greetings Card


Our ‘Futile the winds to a heart in port’ card is really rather special! Inspired by the poem ‘Wild Nights – Wild nights’ written by Emily Dickinson in 1861 and first published in 1891.

The extract we have chosen has an obvious connection to the weather. However also suggest that once a heart has found its place, it stays put and no amount of persuasion or effort will untie it. “Done with the compass, done with the chart” a heart which looks no further, as fulfilment has been found. What a romantic gesture, a heart so captivated its loyalty is anchored.

The sea is made with sections of maps from the 1880’s, each one from a valentine’s day during the period. The weather symbol on the sail represents wind and the card has a lovely individual style. The back of the card features a heart, with a weather map from the 14th of February 1886, Emily Dickinson’s last Valentine’s Day. Inside are the words ‘Be my Valentine…’

If you are looking for a card with heaps of romantic originality then look no further, this card is sure to win. A superb choice for both male and female, it is also the perfect accompaniment to a Birthday Weather mug or print, to really secure your valentines heart.

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20 cm by 14 cm

Printed on premium cream card

With cream envelope