About Birthday Weather.

Like many good ideas the concept for Birthday Weather was first born when two friends were discussing work over a cuppa. Adrian Manning, a founder of Birthday Weather, has years of experience in the print industry, recently specialising in Letterpress printing and specialist finishing. While enjoying his cuppa and chatting to his friend, Adrian discovered there was a treasure trove of beautiful maps in the Met Office archives, a collection of British heritage and weather history unparalleled. Subsequently he began talks with the Met Office to reproduce the original maps retaining their character and authenticity, while sharing the date and age related information. So like a bolt from the blue Birthday Weather was born, in an age old partnership of resources and expertise. Adrian’s favourite thing about Birthday Weather are the maps themselves, he loves the story they tell.

Working with Matt Saunders, an experienced graphic designer (http://digiwool.com) and brand identity specialist, the Birthday Weather design and products were created. Matt’s talents capture the authenticity of the maps and give them a contemporary twist. Matt’s favourite thing about Birthday Weather is getting to work with the beautiful maps and creating lovely products.

The maps.

Each individual weather map we use is original and authentic. Most of the data on the maps are hand drawn, as the maps were not computer generated until 1981. The descriptions and dialogue were also hand written right up until 1961. Birthday Weather have weather reports dating back to 1869 and are able to reproduce thousands of maps, going back as far as 1872. Many of the maps contain stories of their own, with ink stains and even tea cup rings on them. This all adds a charming human value, like footprints traveling through British history. These maps and weather charts have a real sense of growing through the decades. Maps change colour approximately every 10 years and the language used to capture the weather, is a journey through British dialog. Many maps contain poetic description of the weather, which are so romantic and very British. With over a century’s information at our finger tips, the possibilities for new and unique products are endless.

These beautiful maps are a living entity stretching across time, Birthday Weather aim to share this treasure and British heritage with you.

If you would like to suggest a new product for Birthday Weather then please use the contact us page, we would love to hear from you.